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Cavicel has a long experience in the design and manufacture of all types of specialist cables. Our growth has been achieved from quality of service and product along with the philosophy of listening to our customers' requirements optimizing the resources we have fully.

High efficient operation is main requirement to meet predeterminated objectives. Cavicel's organization permits that each team, headed by the Section Manager, exploit their own professional abilities in a fully integrated way.

This is the only way that market requirements, duly studied from technical, economic and production point of view, can contribute to increase the quality of our service. The efficient operation of our Organization depends on:

Professional level of Section Managers and their various staff
Ability to give winning replies to market demands
Communication between the various sections enabling all experiences to flourish

Quality Assurance is no longer a choice but a necessity, always pursued by Cavicel It guarantees not just the product but the whole system that makes it possible. All necessary actions required to ensure these guarantees are carefully described in the QUALITY ASSURANCE MANUAL and in detailed procedures followed by all Cavicel staff. Quality cannot be entrusted to just a few interventions but must be pursued in the global sense and with everyone's involvement. The Quality System adopted by Cavicel is certified to ISO 9001.


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