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System Sensor

Trieste, Italy

A Honeywell company, is the world’s largest manufacturer of analogue addressable and conventional fire detection devices for commercial applications. The company's regionally based global manufacturing capability, supported by the strength of one of the world’s leading industrial companies has enabled System Sensor to achieve its goal of remaining the world–wide quality, technology and cost leader in its chosen field.

System Sensor’s European operation has regional manufacturing plants in Italy, Russia and India, each serving their local markets with products and services tailored to meet the specific requirements of their markets. To provide the highest possible levels of service to its customers, the company has established a global network of fire systems integration and distribution partners serving the needs of end users, consulting engineers and specifiers.

Pictures from factory
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From its European headquarters in Horsham, England, System Sensor ensures that the quality, price and performance characteristics meet the demands made by customers in more than forty different countries, satisfying the requirements of local approvals, aesthetics and operational practices.

System Sensor in Moscow

The company aspires to the highest possible product and service quality standards. The manufacturing plants are regularly inspected and approved by the relevant Certification Authorities.  On-going value engineering, in-line product testing, cell manufacturing and highly integrated electronics ensures a stable, repeatable high product quality.

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